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Ontario has elected a premier who has, since coming into office:

  1. Wants to cut city council in half.
  2. Cancelled the Ontario basic income pilot program.
  3. Reverted back to the 1998 sex education curriculum.
  4. Threatened to cut funding to post-secondary institutions if they don’t introduce free speech policies on campus. This has the potential to prohibit student protests and  provide spaces for which anti-abortion and alt-right speakers and supporters on campus.
  5. Plans to repeal Bill 148, which provides worker protection, including 2 paid sick days and equal pay for part-time and temporary workers doing the same job as full-time employees.
  6. Postponed the planned minimum wage increase to $15/hour set for January 2019.
  7. Cancelled the Drive Clean program.

Toronto is angry. We have since gone to Queen’s Park, written letters and articles in protest to what the Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs have done. But what else do we do? What else can we do to disrupt, to make known our disappointment with the current government? Now is the time to mobilize. But how we even begin?

We invite you to join us October 30 for an introductory workshop on media activism. Featured speakers include Cheryl Thompson (Assistant Professor of Creative Industries at Ryerson University and author of Beauty In A Box: Detangling The Roots Of Canada’s Black Beauty Culture, March 2019), claude wittmann (Toronto performance artist and activist involved in MINIMAL ACTION), Jessie Golem (Hamilton-based photographer who started Humans of Basic Income), and Shelagh Pizey-Allen (Executive Director of TTC Riders) who will guide us through their activism and how it intersects with their media practices. In this workshop, we will answer questions such as: What does activism look like in 2018? How can you get involved in your communities? How can we incorporate our current media practices into our activism?

This event is free for all Ryerson and Toronto community members. The event space is wheelchair accessible and we will have ASL interpreters. Light refreshments will be available.