Rally: Journal of Media Activism and Social Justice is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal run by the graduate student caucus of the Studio for Media Activism & Critical Thought. The journal will be a sandbox to engage, support, and promote the work of emerging scholars, artists, and activists.

Part academic journal, part zine, we envision Rally as becoming one of the key online publications publishing radical, exciting, and timely research on media activism and social justice in Canada. As an experimental journal, we are open both to traditional academic papers, but also prose, poetry, audio-visual work, and other non-textual and/or creative pieces. We will also publish reviews of books, films, and other media.

Rally currently has one issue per calendar year published in the fall. Submissions are welcomed from across disciplines including but not limited to: communication studies, cultural studies, media studies, digital humanities, gender/sexuality studies, queer and trans studies, critical race studies, and disabilities studies. Drawing on the etymology of the term “rally” (from the French rallier, “to bring together again”), we are especially interested in work that brings together and bridges the gap between art, activism, and the academy, as well as work that takes an intersectional model as its starting point and actively works toward building coalitions.

Our first issue will bring together work from the artists, activists, and academics who presented at our De/Materializing Bodies: Activist Media Archives symposium in November 2016.

For more information, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Studio: thestudioformediaactivism@gmail.com